After years of learning and practice, we came to the obvious conclusion that all philosophical problems are also psychological problems, and all psychological problems are also existential and philosophical problems.

Together, we have decided to offer you a distinctive service that combines philosophical counseling with psychological counseling. We are passionate about our work and take great joy in sharing our expertise to benefit others. Additionally, we are eager to learn from you.

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The Philosopher – Nadim Mekki

For many, the word ‘philosophy’ may sound complex, but I view philosophy as a fundamental cornerstone of life and behavior. We all yearn for wisdom, a fulfilling existence, accomplishments, and happiness. That is precisely what ‘philosophy’ signifies: philo-sophia, the love of wisdom.

Hence, I have always regarded philosophy as a natural, ongoing, and accessible practice. Every aspect of life can be examined through a philosophical lens. We do not necessarily require knowledge of the works of renowned philosophers or the use of technical terminology to achieve deeper levels of insight and awareness. All that is needed is a constant nurturing of our curiosity, exploration of the hidden recesses within ourselves, and a deepening understanding of our inner lives and our position in the universe.

In my practice, I employ the Socratic method, questioning the definitions of things and exploring the origins of our values. I consider myself a philosophical skeptic. The world appears intriguing to me, and I find contentment in living without a definitive understanding of life’s meaning.

I could also describe my existential self as eccentric or mentally unconventional. I enjoy living as a specter, an actor, or even as inconspicuous as a mosquito. The more I delve into the pursuit of wisdom, the more I find myself laughing at my own insignificance and the unyielding paradoxes that define me.

I consider myself fortunate to have clients and friends from a wide range of backgrounds, including business owners, executives, managers, highly skilled professionals, politicians, and many individuals who possess remarkable generosity, creativity, and kindness.

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The Psychologist

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The Psychologist – Carolin Müller

Many of my clients in my online psychology practice seek assistance for issues such as depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, and panic attacks. However, during our sessions, these concerns often evolve into broader discussions on topics like the meaning of life, the fear of death, or simply the uncertainties of the unknown.

Through my studies and practice in Buddhist Psychology, I have gained a profound understanding of the significance of philosophical dilemmas in the realm of psychotherapy.

With years of experience in psychological counseling, I am offering my services here because I firmly believe that incorporating philosophical practice can facilitate the journey towards healing, personal growth, and discovering our rightful place in the universe.

With many of my clients, we have delved into the realms of spirituality, the nature of the mind, and the quest for meaning in life.

In this project, my role will be to collaborate with you on practical aspects, such as understanding emotions and implementing new thoughts and habits, in order to help you achieve the goals we establish together.


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