After years of learning and practice, we came to the obvious conclusion that all philosophical problems are also psychological problems, and all psychological problems are also existential and philosophical problems.

Together, we decided to offer you a unique service of philosophical counseling mixed with psychological counseling. We love what we do, and we love to make others benefit from our passions and strengths. And we also would love to learn from you.

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The Philosopher – Nadim Mekki

For many, the word “philosophy” can sound like designating something complicated, but I simply consider philosophy as a universal base of our life and behavior. We all seek wisdom, a life of contentment, achievements, and happiness. That is exactly what “philosophy” means: philo-sophia or the love of wisdom.

Thus, I’ve always considered philosophy as a natural, continuous, and simple practice. Everything can be questioned in a philosophical way. We don’t need to know the texts of famous philosophers, nor to use technical concepts to reach higher levels of insight and consciousness. All we need is to continuously enhance our curiosity, look into the dark corners of our self, and deepen our understanding of our inner life and our place in the universe.

In my practice, I like to use the Socratic-method, ask questions about the definition of things, and about the origin of our values. I could classify my philosophical self as a skeptic. The world appears to me as an intriguing thing, and I happily survive without any understanding of the meaning of life.

I could also classify my existential self as a crazy or mentally disturbed person. I like to live as a ghost, an actor, or just like a mosquito. The deeper I go into the love of wisdom, the more I find myself laughing at my small insignificance and my invincible paradoxes.

I am lucky to count among my clients and friends people with diverse backgrounds: business owners and executives, managers, high skilled professionals, politicians, and a lot of people with amazing generosity, creativity, and kindness.

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The Psychologist

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The Psychologist – Carolin Müller

Many of my clients in my Online Psychology praxis come with problems like depression, low-self esteem, anxiety, stress, or panic attacks. But for many of them, our sessions converge towards more general topics like the meaning of life, the fear of death, or just the uncertainty of the unknown.

Along with my learning and practice in Buddhist Psychology, I came to clearly understand the weight of philosophical dilemmas in the practice of psychotherapy.

I have years of experience in psychological counseling, and I offer my services here as I deeply believe that philosophical practice eases the path toward healing, improving our life and finding our rightful place in the universe.

With many of my clients, we explored the themes of spirituality, the nature of the mind, and the meaning of life.

In this project, my role will be to work with you on practical things like understanding emotions and implementing new thoughts and habits, in order to reach the goals we will set together.


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