Contentment and Wisdom. Happiness and Craziness.

Is it better to live as an anonymous, healthy, and ordinary person until the age of 90, or is it better to have an extraordinarily accomplished life and die at the age of 35 like Mozart? Well, do we really have a choice? Maybe.

There is a tension between, on the one hand, living for oneself and being content, or, on the other hand, living for others and feeling insecure. Jesus sacrificed his life at a relatively young age, is he an example to follow?

The question raised here is: What do we want to give to others? Our time, money, knowledge, or work? Or can we attain a deep sense of contentment and happiness by keeping everything to ourselves without sharing it with others?

When we reach a certain level of material security and comfort, it is interesting to see that there are two psychological paths possible. Some of us will find pleasure and happiness in acquiring more security and comfort, driven by greed. Others will find pleasure and happiness in being altruistic, deriving joy from their own generosity and the well-being of others.

Almost all religions and traditional wisdom tell us that greed is bad while generosity is good. Is that true? And if it is the case, how to practice generosity?

Our philosophical project is about finding the wisdom to develop generosity in a powerful and noble way. There is no guarantee that you will become happier by simply giving away your belongings. However, it is certainly possible to become more content if you align your life with the idea of serving others. To do so, we have to think outside the box, discover new creative ideas, explore unexplored paths, and perhaps even flirt with craziness.

We want to help you increase your wisdom, and diminish your concerns about looking crazy. Higher levels of wisdom can easily look similar to states of craziness. To what extent does the possibility concern you? Let us explore those paths together!

“While working with Nadim and Carolin, I suddenly realized that my brain is constantly busy with comparing myself to others, using criteria that I’ve never been aware of. The Philosopher and the Psychologist helped me see that those criteria were totally baseless, unconsciously inherited from my childhood. Thank you.”

Lisa* G., USA

“Working with you was the best investment I did. Thank you for your time, your listening and your warm laughter.”

Isabel* P., UK

As an owner of a company, I needed to talk with someone who understands the entrepreneur mindset, as well as the pleasures of business and strategy. I couldn’t find a better team. Nadim helped me experience the big business as a game, and Carolin gave me precious tips to increase focus and reduce stress.”

Craig* F., USA

“I’ve always considered myself as a lucky and happy person. But as years went by, I faced big disappointments and realised that there is a kind of chaos in my brain and in my life. Nadim helped me with organising my ideas and Carolin helped me with practical tips on how not to lose the track. They are amazing people. Thank you so much.”

Amy* P., Germany

“Carolin and Nadim are incredibly smart, funny, and down-to-earth people. It is very easy to talk with them about anything without a barrier. With their insight and humor, they helped me see much clearer inside my own mind and increase my confidence in the present and the future.”

Richard* W., USA

I’m thankful I fell on your website and decided to contact you. It’s really very different from conventional counseling, as you really engaged with me as if we’ve always been close friends.”

Peter* H., UK

* Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.

Counseling Topics

Here to make your life richer

Loneliness, Sickness, and Death

As human beings, we are aware of the fact we risk facing painful loneliness, old age, sickness, and death. So what to do with it?

Love, Relationship, and Sex

What is love? Is it the manifestation of our mere biological desires, or is it something we want to sanctify and live with?

The Ailments of Modernity

Our soul is hungry for something modern life took from us and that can explain a lot of our modern anxieties and psychopathologies.

Science and Religion, God and the Universe

the way we imagine the universe, whether we are aware of it or not, would influence our personalities, our decisions, and our life.

Society, the Self, and Others

We live in groups. As far as we love other people, we can also hate them. But if we hate ourselves, we can easily hate others.

Sex, Work, and Money

What’s the meaning of this existence if it is not about work, sex nor money? The existential questions arise.

The Inner Critic. Doubt, Stress, and Fear

Is there a way to deal with our own motivations and our obligations in a way that we can be powerful, confident, and relaxed?

Strategic Thinking, Discipline, and Insight

Are decisions based on rational calculation or on feelings? Developing strategic thinking is the key to confidence and success.

Meaning, Focus, and Motivation

Are you living a fulfilling life? Are you growing according to your potential? Are you missing something important?

Contentment and Wisdom, Happiness and Craziness

Is it better to be a healthy person until the age of 90 or is it better to have an incredibly crazy life and die young?

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