Loneliness, Sickness, and Death

Cats and dogs do not seem to pay much attention to the fact that they will grow old, get sick, and eventually die. Their lack of awareness or instinctual nature can be seen as a positive trait, allowing them to enjoy the present moment without excessive worry about the future.

As human beings, we are aware that we may experience moments of painful loneliness, old age, sickness, and death. Even if we don’t consciously think about it every second and every day, that awareness lingers beneath the surface of our lives. So, how do we navigate this awareness?

It seems that for most of us, an automatic strategy is at play without us consciously choosing it or being aware of it. Some of us may choose to ignore or avoid thinking about this topic consciously. Let us live our lives as if aging, sickness, and death will not take place! What benefit does it bring me to dwell on future misery when I can enjoy the present moment?

On the other hand, it may be difficult for us to ignore the fact that we might grow old, get sick, and eventually die. If we disregard it too often, we may find ourselves completely unprepared. However, if we dwell on it excessively, we might end up tainting the present moment.

What are your psychological mechanisms to deal with this issue? Where do they come from? Did you choose them deliberately or were they determined unconsciously?

Gaining answers to these questions will undoubtedly deepen your self-awareness and foster a greater understanding of your perception of the world. This, in turn, can lead to profound insights into why you perceive the world in a particular manner. The objective of such an inquiry is not necessarily to alter your perspective but to comprehend what is unfolding. Engaging in self-reflection on one’s life and mortality is considered one of the most significant philosophical practices. The sense of solitude experienced during this practice can often transform into a profound sense of religious or spiritual connection and unity.

“While working with Nadim and Carolin, I suddenly realized that my brain is constantly busy with comparing myself to others, using criteria that I’ve never been aware of. The Philosopher and the Psychologist helped me see that those criteria were totally baseless, unconsciously inherited from my childhood. Thank you.”

Lisa* G., USA

“Working with you was the best investment I did. Thank you for your time, your listening and your warm laughter.”

Isabel* P., UK

As an owner of a company, I needed to talk with someone who understands the entrepreneur mindset, as well as the pleasures of business and strategy. I couldn’t find a better team. Nadim helped me experience the big business as a game, and Carolin gave me precious tips to increase focus and reduce stress.”

Craig* F., USA

“I’ve always considered myself as a lucky and happy person. But as years went by, I faced big disappointments and realised that there is a kind of chaos in my brain and in my life. Nadim helped me with organising my ideas and Carolin helped me with practical tips on how not to lose the track. They are amazing people. Thank you so much.”

Amy* P., Germany

“Carolin and Nadim are incredibly smart, funny, and down-to-earth people. It is very easy to talk with them about anything without a barrier. With their insight and humor, they helped me see much clearer inside my own mind and increase my confidence in the present and the future.”

Richard* W., USA

I’m thankful I fell on your website and decided to contact you. It’s really very different from conventional counseling, as you really engaged with me as if we’ve always been close friends.”

Peter* H., UK

* Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.

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Loneliness, Sickness, and Death

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